Laboratory of Synthetic Genome Biology
Developing biological engineering approaches to understand epigenetics and genome organization in C. elegans

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October 8, 2017 

Postdoctoral Position in Synthetic Genome Biology


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We invite qualified candidates to apply for a postdoctoral position in the laboratory for Synthetic Genome Biology, in the Biological & Environmental Science & Engineering Division. The laboratory's long-term goal is to derive generalizable "design principles" for gene regulation in multicellular organisms. This includes understanding the role of patterns in non-coding DNA, gene structure, and chromosome organization. We are particularly excited about two specific questions: how do cells distinguish "self" from "foreign" and what fraction of a genome's genes and DNA can be assigned defined functions? To understand gene regulation, we use genetics, genomics, and bioinformatics in the nematode C. elegans. We place a strong emphasis on developing genetic engineering technologies, with inspiration from the nascent field of synthetic biology.


Specific Projects

Genome defense. We plan to characterize a novel genomic defense system where germ cells allow expression of genes by embedding a non-coding DNA "watermark" into endogenous genes.

See Froekjaer Jensen et al. (2016 ) Cell.

Chromatin regulation. We will develop high-throughput techniques to insert natural and synthetic DNA fragments into the genome to understand how chromatin environments shape features, e.g. promoters, of genes.

Genome editing. Using transposons and Cas9/CRISPR, we plan to develop high-throughput genome editing tools. The long-term goal is to enable genome-scale manipulation for arbitrarily complex re-organization and re-coding of the C. elegans genome.

See Froekjaer Jensen et al. (2010 , 2012 , 2014 ) Nature Methods

See Froekjaer Jensen et al. (2008 ) Nature Genetics



We are looking for an adventurous, accomplished, and independent young scientist with a recent PhD in genetics, molecular biology, genomics, bioinformatics or equivalent. Applicants should have experience with a genetic model organism, an excellent grasp of standard molecular biology, and experience with fluorescence imaging or next-generation sequencing. Critical thinking and the ability to work independently is a must. Experience in C. elegans research is preferable. More importantly, candidates should show commitment to building an exciting research group that is dynamic and ambitious while also being collegial and supportive.



We offer an ambitious and supportive scientific environment in a recently established research group. The laboratory is part of KAUST's Epigenetics and Environment Program (KEEP), with frequent scientific interactions and participation in KEEPs seminar series. The candidate will have access to state of the art equipment within the lab and through the core labs. The salary is highly competitive, with free housing and medical insurance. For more information about living and working at KAUST, please refer to the University’s website:



For questions about the position and projects, please contact Dr. Froekjaer Jensen (, Please submit your application, with a full CV, research interests, and three references as a single pdf by email with "synthetic genome biology postdoc" in the subject line. We encourage a diversity of applicants and do not discriminate based on race, religion, or gender. Applications are accepted from October 2017 until the position has been filled.


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