27 August, 2019

Wormbook chapter on transgenesis.

Wormbook chapter​

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24 February, 2019

Lab's first paper - non-Mendelian inheritance

We just published a paper in Developmental Cell together with Karen Artilles and Andrew Fire (Stanford University) describing a method to reliably generate non-Mendelian inheritance events in worms.

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14 February, 2019

The SGB lab is growing

The SGB lab is growing​

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09 October, 2017

Offical lab (CFJ) and allele (kst) designation

We are now officialy a real C. elegans lab with lab (CFJ) and allele (kst) designations!​

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01 October, 2017

First graduate student!

Monika Priyadarshini joins the lab.

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10 September, 2017

September. Starting the lab.

Starting the lab at KAUST!​​​​​​

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